Frequently Asked Questions

Our cards are not reloadable, they cannot be utilized to withdraw funds, also you can’t receive any payment from other sites. Our virtual cards can be used for online payments and for verifying online accounts. You can’t use it for illegal purposes. Our virtual prepaid cards are your real advantage in worldwide shopping! You can’t use our card in the betting site, It is not acceptable to any betting site. our service only for legal purposes.

What is GlobalVisaCards ?
GlobalVisaCards virtual prepaid cards are prepaid Visa or Mastercard cards issued by banks in the United States and Canada. They are just like regular debit cards but with neither reload options nor cardholder’s personal data on them which makes them a truly anonymous payment method. Our Visa virtual cards can be used online with any name and any US or international billing address, while our Brown Mastercard virtual cards accept any name and any billing address in Canada. All GlobalVisaCards cards are virtual and that means you only receive your card information digitally online, but do not get the card itself physically (a plastic card) when buying it, and therefore you cannot use it in traditional offline shops or ATMs. They can only be operated for online payment transactions and for online registration or verification purposes.

Can I use my own name or other customize name in the card?
Yes! you can, the message in live support for it. sent order number.

Where can I use GlobalVisaCards virtual prepaid cards?
Our cards function just like any other Visa or Mastercard prepaid bank cards and they can be used at any websites or online merchants, in any web-based shops and online stores or services, in short, anywhere on the Internet where payments by a prepaid credit card are accepted (e.g. PayPal, AlertPay, Google Play, VPN (Proxies), Domain Purchase, Hosting, Servers (VPS), Snapchat, Antiviruses, Hotels, Flights, and Trip Packages, Ezetop, Ding, Gearbest, Etsy, Wayfair, CCBill, iBill, eBay, eFax, Freepik, Databasemart, iTunes US, Mcafee, Moneybookers US, Norton AntiVirus, Google Checkout, Yahoo, Linkedin, Dreamtime, Segpay, Namecheap, Load GoDaddy, Getresponse, ThemeForest etc.). — Visa Cards

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Can I create a Google Play Console account with GlobalVisaCards?
Yes! you can use for it.

Can I use it for Facebook boost?
Yes. For the Facebook boost, you can use our MasterCard not visa card, select USD currency for USD card. When you open an ads campaign selected USD currency for USD card. Full guide Bangla video 

Can I use it for Google ads?
yes. you can use it for google ads. You can not add $5 in google ads/youtube boost account need to add minimum $10 for google ads> billing option> manually > make payment>$10. Attention google ads and google AdWords sensitive subject it new member can not manage it.

Facebook Boost = Mastercard
Google all payment = Visa Cards
Google Play Console an account = Visa Cards
Paypal verification(fee$1.95) = Visa Cards
Buy a play store apps = Play store gift Cards or Visa Card Visa Cards = MasterCard
heroku= MasterCard

Can I use it for ALIEXPRESS?

Which one will be better for online payment any site MasterCard or visa card?
Yes! MasterCard is better if supported here MasterCard payment. If only supported the visa card for it you can buy a visa card.

Note: When you try to verify a PayPal account from Bangladesh. don’t try with Bangladesh IP and billing address. we can try with USA IP and billing address. When verifying PayPal account do not try many times, every time PayPal cut $1.95. if ask any verification code message in live support. we do not suggest a Paypal account from Bangladesh.

Can I use it for skill, Neteller deposit?
Can I use this card for an illegal purpose?

What are the countries from which I can purchase GlobalVisaCards?
You can buy our cards worldwide, from any place in the world. You get your cards online right after making a successful payment transaction, irrespective of the country you are currently staying in. You may always take advantage of our cards in practically every country where Visa and Mastercard cards are accepted. The list of countries where such cards do not operate or have restrictions is very short.

How to get my card information?
After payment complete check your email inbox or promotions also our website My account> orders>View. For check card balance, order number send in live support.

How can i understand This site is trusted?
we are 100% trusted company checks our review video on Youtube.

Can a GlobalVisaCards virtual card be used to withdraw funds?
No, it cannot. Our virtual cards can be used for online payments and for verifying online accounts, but they cannot be utilized to withdraw funds and they are not reloadable. Unfortunately, our cards are not reloadable, but you may always purchase another one.

Can a GlobalVisaCards card be used to verify a PayPal account?
Yes, our virtual cards can be used to verify personal PayPal accounts worldwide. Please, make sure to register your card first and bear in mind there are PayPal accounts of some countries (e.g. the UK, Germany, Israel, Romania, Sweden, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, and some others) that may ask for an ID verification due to their local regulations. When you verify the PayPal account, if PayPal sends any code in the card, you get it by support message. When you buy a card for Paypal verification in note option added PayPal account name also Paypal account billing information we create your card with the same information. 

How long does it take to receive a VCC?
Virtual cards are delivered instantly after successful payment via Perfect Money. If you opt to pay with Bitcoin or Ethereum, it may take you up to 20 – 30 minutes to get your card because we need to wait until we receive a required number of payment transaction confirmations. Our comprehensive step-by-step instructions are always available to you in the How to pay section.

How to apply for a virtual card?
Simply buy a Visa or Mastercard card on the Main Page of our website using available payment methods.

What is the validity period of the virtual credit GlobalVisaCards?
The validity period depends on the type of the card you are about to purchase and actually, it is 6 months from the date of issue for USD Cards, 1 year for GBP Cards, and 1 year for EUR Cards. In fact, the period of use is 1-2 months shorter than the validity period due to the time lapse between the validity period beginning (date of issue) and the moment of the card’s actual sale to the buyer (beginning of use).

Can I order a virtual credit card with a face value other than those listed on your website?
Yes, you can order USD cards with any face value that is a multiple of 5 and do not exceed 950 UDS. The minimum individual order is no less than 5 cards and a 50% prepayment of the order amount is required.

I am looking for an anonymous payment method. How do you ensure your VCC privacy?
Actually, when registering a GlobalVisaCards VCC, no identity verification is performed and no ID or any other documents confirming a name or a residential address are required. Thus, you anonymously pay online and keep your complete privacy by registering the card in any name including nicknames and aliases and any existing address (any existing address in Canada for CAD cards).

In addition, for even more privacy protection at every stage, we provide you with the opportunity to buy our cards using anonymous payment methods which means without revealing your personal data even to GlobalVisaCards.

What information can be used for a billing address?
You may provide any real US or international address as your billing address. Make sure the city/state and zip-code match! Canadian virtual cards can only be used with any Canadian address. It is vital to remember to set any valid (existing) address while registering your card!

How can I check my card balance?
For check Card balance, click here and open a Ticket

If any website sent an OTP code How can I get it?
Need to message in live support.

Can GlobalVisaCards be used for payments in Euro, Pounds, or any other currency?
Certainly, yes! Both US and Canadian virtual cards can be used for payments in any currency. USD,EUR, and CAD will be automatically converted into the currency of your payment.

Can the VCC be reloaded?
Unfortunately, our cards are not reloadable, but you may always purchase another one.

Where can I use GlobalVisaCards ?
you can use GlobalVisaCards in which site there are allow virtual cards. we are mention some website names in this article.

Does GlobalVisaCards accept refunds from merchants?
Yes, refunds are accepted. The refund from a merchant is only possible on the same card which was initially used for payment. The card balance will be increased by the refund amount. The refund operation may take a few business days. Please, prior to proceeding with the refund, make sure you still have enough time before your card ‘s expiration date. If your card is expired at the time of the refund or you didn’t get to spend this money before the expiration date of your card, it will be lost.

Can I use coupon code?
Yes! You can. If you have coupon code you can use a coupon code for discount.

How can I create an account on
It will be automatic when you submit an order.

Can I return my card and get a refund from GlobalVisaCards?
Yes. According to our refund policy, you can get a refund in the amount of 95% of the card’s face value within one month from the date of purchase if your card has not been used in any manner. To get a refund, please contact our Support Team.

Can I purchase a GlobalVisaCards card paying with PayPal?
No, we do not accept PayPal as a payment method. We only admit the following payment methods: Webmoney, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash, Bkash.

If you do not have these e-currencies, you can easily get any of them. Just create an account in Webmoney, Bitcoin, or Perfect Money system and make a money exchange using an exchange service (e.g.,, or any other).

I still have questions. What should I do?
Please contact our support team and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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