Privacy Policy

  • takes your privacy seriously. We store your personal information in private and never share your data with anyone. We have been serving thousands of satisfied clients around the world for the last few years and applied the same privacy policy to every client. We do not change our privacy policy without any valid reason. The following privacy policy describes your privacy right regarding our collection, use, storage, sharing, and protection of your personal information.
  • does not share any personal information such as email id, phone number, name, date of birth with any third party. Your archive data is stored very carefully.
  • You must accept browser cookies while browsing our website pages/posts and other author content.
    We can store your personal data like name, email address, phone number for future contact with you. If you sign up and submit your data to our website, you agree to submit valid information for the account creation process.
  • We store your payment information such as payment type, transaction details, payer email, and name etc. Those data will be stored for future reference
  • We can contact you through email, phone, and other methods you provide. For the necessary purpose, your contact details will be shared with the payment processor.
  • If there are any illegal act or regulation and law violation, we have the right to share any personal information to the government in order the keep prevent any fraud over the internet. However, this may only apply for stolen credit card payment to us.
  • We track activities on our website. But we do not share any information unless there is a case of illegal act or regulation and law violation.
  • Our marketing system connected with several social media, apps, forums, and other networks. So if you post any comment with personal information, it might be indexed by Google and other engines that will display in search results. We do not hold responsibilities to remove it from search engines on your behalf. Please ensure that you understand this before you get started with us.
  • Your personal name may be published on our website for a testimonial, satisfaction feedback, positive review. You agree to give us this right without any negative showcase. In this case, we will only display the name and countries through our website.
  • Our website content, copyright, and everything assigned to us. We will not show your personal information at any pages/posts or comments. If you found something wrong please contact us as soon as possible.
    By using our website, you are agreeing to follow our privacy policy. We are committed to take care of and save all your information confidentially.